We have pioneered in providing the best Fire Safety Services in the Maldives. Engineering Solutions include the following training programs. Our team of trainers are capable of providing the most sophisticated and intensive training and promising results.

All our Instructors have at least six years of experience in training, as well as consulting in any Fire Safety Related issues.

Fully equipped with the latest machinery and technicians our service center is capable of providing fast and reliable services in the industry of Fire and Safety.

Our services include:

  • Fire Safety Inspection
  • Fire Equipment Inspection
  • Staff Alerting System Inspection
  • Fire Awareness Training
  • Basic Fire Safety Course – (English/Dhivehi)
  • Basic Fire Fighting Course – (English/Dhivehi)
  • Basic Communications Training
  • Fire Drill


Fire Safety Inspection



Inspection of all structures built on the island. During the inspection our engineers will focus on the following points;

  • Electrical wiring at the structures
  • Storing of goods
  • Handling of hazardous and flammable liquids
  • Personal safety issues in emergency evacuations.

Fire safety inspection concludes with a report providing the issues and solutions for the client in order to tackle those issues.


Fire Equipment inspection



Physical inspection of all fire fighting equipments, this includes:

  • Portable Fire Extinguishers
  • Fire Hydrant System
  • Hose Reel Systems
  • Sprinkler System
  • Suppression Systems
  • Fire detection & alarm systems

Fire Equipment Inspection concludes with a report providing issues and solutions found during the inspection.


Staff Alerting System



Activity designed and provided for client based on Fire Fighting. This activity will guide your resort in a brief report of maintaining and servicing the Staff Alerting System at the island.

This activity will be handled by our in house mechanical engineers who are capable of rectifying and providing solutions for any issues if found at any Staff Alerting Systems at your island.

A brief report of this activity will be submitted to the respective departments of the client upon completion.


Fire Awareness Training



One and a half hours of theory based on Fire Safety preventions and to train your staff on using Portable Fire Extinguishers. The training session will be concluded with one hour of practical which provides each participant to extinguish a controlled fire using portable fire extinguishers available at the island.

Upon completion of the activity a detailed report of the participants and the trainings will be submitted to the client.


Basic Fire Safety Course



Certified course conducted for duration of Four days. Three days of theory for a duration of three to four hours a day. An exam will be conducted to all participants on the fourth day of the course. After the theory exam of the Basic Fire Safety course, each participant will be provided a chance to use portable Fire Extinguishers to extinguish a controlled fire.

Upon completion of this activity, the client will be provided with a detailed report containing the timings and the details of the Basic Fire Safety Course. And all participants who pass the exam will be provided with a certificate.

The activity can currently be conducted in two languages which is Dhivehi and English.

Basic Fire Fighting Course



The course includes a brief explanation on using fire-fighting equipment, which are available on the island. This is conducted for a duration of six days. The first day of the course will be focused on the theoretical knowledge and training the staff on basic discipline.

This is a certified course approved by the Maldives National Defense force (MNDF) – Fire and Rescue Services. The main objective of this course is to produce defensive fire fighters who are capable of attending any fire incidents should they occur on the island. Also these fire fighters will be assisting the fire fighters from MNDF Fire and Rescue Services.

The whole course will be concluded with a theoretical and practical test to evaluate the performance of the participants. All participants who passed the exam will be provided with a certificate.

A report will be submitted to the client upon completion of the course.


Fire Drill



This is a drill involving the whole management of the client. The main aim of this activity is to check the performance of the staff during an emergency evacuation in case of a Fire incident or an Emergency.

Before conducting the activity the client will be provided with an emergency procedure which is designed and approved by the MNDF Fire and Rescue Services.

During the drill, timings and performance of the staff will be evaluated and will be submitted by a detailed report which is prepared by the agent.


Basic Fire Fighting Communication Training



During fire incidents many commands will be passed to the fire fighters as well as to the top level officers at the site.

We have designed and implemented a training program to follow formal ways of communicating during the fire incident. The training is focused on using communication handsets as well as the signals which are used and approved by the international standards of communication.

The duration of this training session will be three hours. The participants have to complete a basic fire fighting course in order to understand the basic skills.

A report will be submitted to the client upon completion of this activity.