Quite often addressing a system concern is a matter of understanding a situation and then making an informed decision to establish a direction. Our objective is to sufficiently educate you on the scientific and technical principles, code and standard requirements that relate to your specific concern to enable you in making those informed decisions. We specialize in reducing complex issues to a form that is understandable, allowing you to select a logical approach to address your concerns.

With either new construction or existing building renovations, owners and property Managers are faced with a number of risk management challenges. These include avoiding loss of life and injury, reducing loss, and maintaining the continuity o Operations. We can assist with the evaluation and mitigation of those issues.

An Engineering Solutions engineer will review your objectives and examine the basic Construction features of your building early in your development phase, allowing you to make changes without being impacted by Code Requirements or “changes in order costs”. Our engineers will prepare a written report that assesses the strengths and weaknesses of the building’s features, both existing and planned, and outlines improvements required to address your objectives. After construction, the report can be passed on to the building’s operating personnel to help them understand how to use the facility as it was designed.

Assisting in establishing objectives

We will interview decision makers, ask pertinent, thought-provoking questions, and incorporate the responses into a preliminary set of objectives. We will then coordinate your review of the preliminary objectives and guide you in establishing and adopting global objectives and more specific goals for critical areas.

Evaluating existing buildings

Reveal its level of system, and propose approaches to reach the desired level of system. We will audit the facility, examining its passive features, active systems, and prevention procedures, and determine the existing risk level. We will then develop alternate approaches for meeting the objectives. Whether your project involves a new building design, analysis of an existing building, or litigation, the consultants at Engineering Solutions can assist you in understanding how the improvement will impact your situation, and help you make informed decisions.

Reviewing a building's conceptual design

Reviewing a building’s conceptual design in the early stages and presenting guidelines and alternative approaches for planning the structure. We will supervise your design philosophies and aesthetic criteria and propose approaches for achieving the objectives, considering the building’s passive features, active systems, and operating prevention procedures. Each alternative approach will be presented with respect to its benefits and liabilities, code compliance or equivalencies, and relative initial costs as well as life cycle costs.